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Herbal Medicine

Herbs can bring vitality to our whole being, as well as healing specific symptoms

Herbs have been taken for well being and good health for centuries.  They function through biochemical interactions and specific applications, but in a way that augments the vital processes of the body.

The beneficial effect of herbs

Having used herbs as medicine, I am inspired by how diverse, effective and widely applicable plant remedies are. I enjoy working with people and being able to personalise herbal treatments.

Many of the conditions traditional healers sought to alleviate remain with us today. Building on their knowledge, we can find remedies for modern stress and anxiety, as well as physical ailments. 


Herbs can be taken as decoctions or medicinal teas, tinctures, or pills once or twice daily. I may suggest some changes to your diet and lifestyle to support your healing and good health.


Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs are rarely used singularly; more commonly they are used in combination to form a herbal prescription. The use of many herbs helps to achieve a balance of their qualities in the prescription. Herbs are described in terms of temperature, taste, what they do in the body and whether they affect the yin, yang, qi or blood.

To help you, I create a formula with a combination of with several Chinese herbs. As you heal, the formula is modified as your symptoms change. The prescription is prescribed for you as an individual as well as your ailment or illness.  

Western Herbs

Western herbal medicine has a strong tradition in the UK.  Herbs can be used in cooking, as teas and compresses, or be taken as a tincture in water.  Common herbs such as nettle, thyme, and lavender offer support when we need help and healing. 

I will suggest herbs that you may have growing in your garden, or are easily sourced, to help with your condition.  I can also make up a tincture, where herbs are concentrated in alcohol to preserve them.  You can add these to food or a small amount of water.


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